Monday, April 19, 2010

VHS Library

This is a project I've been slowly working on for some time now.
The idea came after Derek and I watched a documentary borrowed from the Seattle Public Library, it was this amazing Buckminster Fuller video that was in the most hideous vhs box with out any of the original packaging. It seemed to me that a good film should also have good packaging and this would hopefully influence more people to watch the film. I'm specifically interested in the VHS boxes as they are sort of a dying format. So the I started searching through local library branches to find films that had the same kind of potential as the Fuller documentary, I would check them out, research the film and then design new packaging which would then replace the old. The tapes are returned back into circulation.
More of these are in the works, but here are a few images of some recent films I worked on.
*click to view larger images


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